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5 Essential manicure tips for home care

5 Essential manicure tips for home care


1. Never cut your nails while dry and brittle (only cut if they are very long and you want them short). First soak them in water to soften them and always use a pair of nail scissors… that craft scissors will just not do!

2. Use good quality emery boards – the black ones are perfect. File from the outsides inwards to the centre of the nail. Keep your nails in perfect shape by lightly filing them once a week.

3. Massage the cuticles daily when applying hand cream or use a specially formulated cuticle massage cream.

4. Use a base coat before applying nail enamel to prevent dis-colouration of the nail. Apply nail enamel in 4 strokes. Start in the centre of the nail. Put down the first drop 3/4 in and stroke to the front. Then the two side strokes. Finish with a fourth stroke down the centre again.

5. Cleanup untidy enamel around the cuticles by dipping a small pointed brush in acetone and brush around the cuticle without flooding the nail.


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