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Sans Soucis Peptide Boosters – New Launch

Sans Soucis Peptide Boosters – New Launch


Sans Soucis  has recently launched the innovative PEPTIDE BOOSTER products with power peptides and mineral-rich thermal spring water from Baden-Baden to support skin’s natural regeneration.

Different skin problems are treated by means of intelligent problem solvers showing visible improvements after a short time already.

The valuable thermal spring water from Baden-Baden improves skin’s vitality and its well-being in a very natural way.

There are two products of the range, available in South Africa –  Hyaluron Filler and Collagen Boost. They are priced extremely affordable, compared to similar quality serum products and are proving to be very popular with Sans Soucis clients.

Hyaluron Filler

HYALURON FILLER 24 H SERUM supplies lavish moisture with a long-term effect and plumps up dryness lines from inside.

Fluid for moisture-deficient skin

To use

Mornings and evenings, apply to skin cleansed with SANS SOUCIS CLEANSING products or pointedly to expression lines and pat in gently. Let take effect 5 minutes and, if required, continue with the usual day or night care. Please note: If the care product is applied too early this will lead to an undesired „rubbing“ effect.

Customer Consultation results

  • A real moisture and regeneration fountain for skin.
  • Improves the skin cell regeneration.
  • Leaves a soft and supple skin surface.
  • Tightens and refreshes the skin.
  • Has a pore-refining effect.

Collagen Boost

COLLAGEN BOOST 24 H SERUM has a firming effect, improves skin’s tightness, diminishes the wrinkle depth and supports skin’s natural regeneration.

Fluid for Demanding Skin

To use

Mornings and evenings apply to skin cleansed with SANS SOUCIS CLEANSING products. Continue with the usual day or night care.

Customer Consultation

  • Acts against elasticity loss of skin.
  • Firms the facial contours and improves the skin metabolism.
  • Protects against the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Improves skin’s collage production.

The products are:








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